About West Seattle

The folks who are fortunate enough to already live in West Seattle are in on the secret.  They know firsthand that the area truly is the crown jewel of Seattle’s urban landscape.   With miles of public beachfront, stunning city and Puget Sound views at every turn, fantastic schools, a wealth of eclectic restaurants and businesses and an abundance of parks and greenbelts …well, it just doesn’t get much better than this.

To describe West Seattle as pretty amazing doesn’t really describe the area with the poetic justice it deserves.

Where else can you watch orcas from the neighborhood park, peruse fantastic art showings during the monthly West Seattle Art Walk, make a fabulous meal with fresh produce from the farmers market and then take in a show from the West Seattle community Orchestra or watch an instore music performance at the iconic Easy Street. All in one day.

And, while the rest of the region spends far too much time in surface street traffic jams and interstate backups, living in West Seattle means that you are just about a 10 minute drive from the heart of downtown Seattle.  Better yet, take the bus which will give you 25 minutes of latte sipping reading time. Or for the truly unique Northwest Experience, you can hop on the Water taxi and commute by boat.

And, as for buying a house here?

Whether you are looking for a classic craftsman or bungalow with a big back yard, a  sleek “built-green” modern townhouse, a retro mid-century modern or even an easy all maintenance included condo … it’s here.  In one of the area’s quiet, community driven neighborhoods – just waiting for you to call it home.