Born and raised in the middle of the Midwest ( hello IOWA!), I moved to the area nearly 20 years ago after an earlier visit firmly planted Seattle as my Mecca.  On that visit, I dipped my toe in the ocean for the first time, saw purple starfish that made my jaw drop in amazement, entered joyfully into the world of lattes and local flavor and was mesmerized by the great sentinel of the city – Mount Rainier.  Quite simply, I had found my home.

Several years after moving Westward,  I began working in real estate and now have over a decade of front line buyers only representation under my belt. In that time period I have helped hundreds of people find homes and have worked diligently to make sure they were purchasing the right house at the right price. And that their interests were front and center during the search and the sale.

It may sound corny but doing the right thing is at the heart of how I try to lead both my professional and personal life.  I am fierce in my passion for helping people – both in buying homes and  in the community and environmental work that is very dear to me.

Here are some tidbits about me that might  help give you a picture of both who I am and how I work.

  • In addition to my role as a buyers agent, I am also the director of an environmental nonprofit organization called Preserve Our Islands.  Although our role has now grown to focus on  Puget Sound-wide nearshore protections, the organization was founded to oppose an industrial mining operation and barging facility proposed along the shoreline of Maury Island, in Puget Sound. In my work leading the organization, we took on federal agencies and a  huge multi-nationally owned mining company.  And won. Imagine what that tenacity might look like in a real estate transaction.
  • I also volunteer with a local animal rescue organization and personally have far, far too many of my own rescue dogs.  You will never find me without dog hair somewhere on my body and my floors have not been mud free for more than 10 seconds in years. But, I wouldn’t trade the canine chaos for the world.  Be warned, if we are working together and a stray dog runs by or we find an abandoned animal soul – it’s likely we  will be stopping to help before moving on.
  • I am a devout  and flag waving progressive liberal. If you are not, that’s ok  (as long as you aren’t a tea partier) but it will be best if we don’t talk politics. Really.
  • I drive a car that is fueled by biodiesel and have for 10 years.
  • I volunteer with the regional Orca sighting network and spend much of the late fall and early winter months tracking the whales from the shoreline when they visit the Central and South Puget Sound area.
  • I wear jeans and boots. No fancy shoes or real estate blazer ensembles here because among other things, you can’t look under a crawlspace with dry clean only clothes.  I also don’t have a typical “real estate” office and you will not  find me working in front of a plaque filled wall surrounded by marketing materials.  In fact, most of my meetings are with clients in the field – from local coffee houses to their own kitchen table.
  • Most importantly, I love West Seattle with full abandon. I swoon over the red velvet cupcakes at Cupcake Royale and adore perusing the junction and strolling Alki. I thrill over the farmers market, the prominence of backyard chickens and the uniqueness of the neighborhoods that make West Seattle one of the most amazing communities in the region.